You can buy it here:

Or if you want to support your local record shop you can get it from:
Rough Trade East
Rough Trade West
Flashback Records
Resident Brighton
Piccadilly Records (Manchester)
Music's Not Dead (Bexhill)
Truck Store (Oxford)

Or you can listen to it on Spotify if that's your thing.

Can't believe it's finally out! Thanks to everyone that's provide support of whatever kind, and helped make it and get it out!

Hope you can celebrate with me on March 30th at The Islington! Tickets are actually selling surprisingly well(!) so get yours here:

You can also buy a bundle of a ticket+an album here:

Earmilk Premieres the video for 'I Wish Your Lies Were Better'!

Earmilk has premiered the video for 'I Wish Your Lies Were Better'! If you wanna see the original article you can go here... Otherwise have a look below

'Night Songs' comes out this friday!!! If you haven't preordered your copy yet you can do so here

And if you want a ticket to the album launch on March 30th at The Islington you can get one here

...OR if you want to buy a ticket plus the album together in a discount bundle you can do that here

Album Launch Tickets Now On Sale!

On 30th March I'll be playing with a FULL BAND at The Islington to celebrate the release of my debut album 'Night Songs'.

This night, when it finally arrives, will have been a long time coming and the culmination of a lot of hard work so expect a party (albeit one with moderately depressing music).

If you want to buy a ticket go here

Or if you want to buy a ticket + album (at a discount price) bundle you can do so here

And if you're interested, the band will consist of:
Me on vocals and guitar
Christian Hardy (of The Leisure Society) on vocals and keys
Dan Blackett (of Landshapes) on vocals and drums
Will Thorneycroft on guitar
Patrick Lawrence (of Sons of Noel and Adrian) on bass

Thanks for all the support and encouragement you've given me along the way. I hope you like the album, in fact i hope you love it, and that that support continues.

I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope to see you on March 30th.

Lots of love x

'My Feet Have No Need For The Ground' Video Premieres on Gigwise!

As you can maybe tell from the title the video for 'My Feet Have No Need For the Ground' premiered on Gigwise the other day.

It features me crooning with romantic longing in toilets, garage forecourts and pubs. Among other places. It was a lot of fun to make and hopefully you'll like it. 

Thanks to Joe Connor, Anika Mottershaw and Temujin Doran for their help in making it!

You can see the original article here or watch the video below.


There's also a number of shows coming up, including the first few full band dates:


19th - Stereo 92 (Full Band) - London - FREE
24th - Sofar Sounds - Brighton *
25th - The Islington (supporting Frokedal) - London - TICKETS

6th - Sofar Sounds - Oxford *
9th - Servant Jazz Quarters (supporting Woodpigeon) - London - TICKETS
30th- The Islington (!!!ALBUM LAUNCH!!! - Full Band) - London - TICKETS AVAILABLE SOON

14th - The Forge supporting The Magnetic North - TICKETS

*Mail if you want to be guestlisted (limited numbers)

'Night Songs' Now Available For Preorder

Night Songs' is now available for preorder on CD and Digital here

Here's a note that puts the album into some kind of context:

At the end of my twenties I was in two bands that were breaking up, going through a bad time with the girl I love and working night shifts. Most of the time I’d finish work around 1 to 3 am and walk home, stepping around the broken glass and vomit on the pavement. On weekends there would still be a few people milling about the kebab shops but more often than not I would be alone save for the ghosts and the occasional fox. It’s strange seeing London so quiet and still, like the scene of a big party long over. It can be a bleak and lonely time to walk the streets but there’s something romantic about it too and it’s a good time and place to sift through your thoughts .

I was always exhausted round then but my body had given up on sleep and every night I’d lie awake for what seemed like forever watching the light brighten into morning. I hadn’t written a song for some time but then in the middle of one of those long nights something resolved itself and I started writing and kept on writing for a whole month.

This album comes from those late walks home and that time around 5am when grey areas seem to fade and you see things with a kind of desperate clarity. You feel fear and panic a lot stronger then but you also feel your resolve in it’s most crystallised and pure form.

Ultimately due to various things the album took a year and a lot of struggle to complete but I’m really proud of it. It was written at and about a point in my life when I realised I wasn’t that young anymore and had to really start fighting if I wanted to be happy. But it’s also a kind of ode to that strange, beautiful and lonely time of night when the city closes down, everything is still and you feel like you’re the only person left.

Hope you like it.